SwitchResX – How To Use It


At First Sight

SwitchResX lives in the Preference Pane folder of your System Library. To access it, simply go to System Preferences and click its icon in the bottom section.

SwitchResX will open the SwitchResX Control window with it's vast amount of options and control functions. They include:

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Here you can check what version of SwitchResX you are running and if you have installed the assisting modules.
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General Settings
Need a Keyboard shortcut to start or quit SwitchResX? Or shall the software start automatically, when you log into your account? This is the place to tick the appropriate boxes.
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Display Sets
Here you can choose between safe standard sets, set up your own sets and load any of the settings that ship with SwitchResX. Want a closer look?
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If you want to match resolutions to certain applications, this is the place to to. And it not only keeps track of what app is frontmost at present, but also keeps the speaker level in tune. Nice, isn't it?
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SwitchResX Menus
This is where you choose to have a menu bar icon and/or a contextual menu function and what exactly they each are offering to you – and they don't have to be the same!
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Need a finer grid than the standard Apple one? And you want to have all the icons on your desktop at a certain position when resolutions change? The Desktop tab keeps all you need at hand. Just go for it!
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Your Displays
To make working with SwitchResX as comfortable and safe as possible, the software adapts to exactly the displays you use. This tab shows you all resolutions available, gives basic information on the type of screen plugged into your Mac and let you customize your resolutions list. Just check it out!
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Custom resolutions
Create any custom resolution for any specific need, modify an existing resolution, add scaled resolutions for Retina displays.
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Did you know, that you can control SwitchResX even with Applescript? You can apply any changes with coding, too. And even keep records of what happens and when. Isn't that cool?

In Detail

To get to know the menus items in detail, simply click on any of the icons!