SwitchResX – What it does


Keep Control

With SwitchResX you can keep control of your screen resolution and the way, every single app displays its content on your screen – or screens! Because SwitchResX can handle more than one screen totally individually, giving you all the freedom and flexibility you need at any time. Why is that?

Written completely in Cocoa, Apple's programming framework, SwitchResX is perfectly integrated into the system, working on both Intel and Apple Silicon architectures.

All Functions In A Single Place

To make screen control as smooth as possible, SwitchResX integrates a huge amount of functions into a single easy to use tool. The things you can do with SwitchResX include:
• Saving desktop layouts to get everything into position right the moment, you jump to a certain resolution
• Disable or activate screens on demand, for example to use a Macbook in clamshell mode
• Link screens to specific events like Key shortcuts, Apple scripts, Application launched and more
• Create and enable new custom resolutions to adapt to any available screen, including screens inbuilt into cars
• Rename resolutions to regular useful terms like Gaming, Documents, Graphics Design, Presentation, TV etc.
• Arrange desktop oems on a much finer grid than Apple's standard settings
• Keep a record of any change in screen settings automatically

Four Languages On Board

Though this website comes in English only, SwitchResX ships with four languages on board:
• English
• French
• German
• Russian
• Czech