SwitchResX – What it is


SwitchResX is the most advanced tool for Apple computers to take control of any screen connected to the Mac. No matter whether a MacBook Screen, an external monitor, a Retina display, a TV set or a beamer: SwitchResX can handle them all – if you want, straight from the menubar, a contextual menu or both. It's that easy!

Preference Pane And More

When installed, SwitchResX sits in the Preference Panes and can be activated like any other of those helpers. SwitchResX pops open in a separate window for easy access of its’ vast amount of functions, that outrun Apples inbuilt Monitor preference pane easily.

Ultimate Control

With SwitchResX you can keep control of your screen resolution and the way, every single app displays its content on your screen – or screens! Because SwitchResX can of course handle more than one screen totally individually, it gives you all the freedom and flexibility you need at any time.

Drill Down Into Details

On top, SwitchResX includes a huge amount of additional functions, like
• Saving desktop layouts to get everything back into position right the moment, you jump back to a certain resolution
• Disable or activate screens on demand, for example to use a Macbook in clamshell mode
• Link screens to specific events like Key shortcuts, Applescript, Application launches and more
• Create and enable new custom resolutions to adapt to any available screen, including screens inbuilt into cars
• Rename resolutions to regular and useful terms like Gaming, Documents, Graphics, Presentation, TV etc.
• Arrange desktop items on a much finer grid than Apple' standard settings
• Keep a record of any change in screen setting automatically