SwitchResX beta version

Clicking on this link will download the latest SwitchResX beta version.

SwitchResX 4.12.1 solves issues with exporting the EDID on Apple Silicon Macs, is better when detecting identical displays on Apple Silicon Macs, adds some customisation options to the new contextual menu introduced in 4.12 and solves some cosmetic issues also.

It should also bring compatibility with macOS 13.0 Ventura beta 2. You can find glitches on Ventura with the new System Settings, but these may be more problems in Ventura than in SwitchResX.

Feel free to send me any information about crashes on this version, I may already be aware of them but I thank them anyway.

Support on this version will be limited to correct bugs & crashes encountered with the new macOS 13.0.
You should avoid installing it on a production environment (but you should avoid installing any beta version in such environments anyway!).