• Is SwitchResX compatible with Apple Silicon Macs ?
    SwitchResX works on Apple Silicon, as well as on Intel Macs, but not identically on all Macs.

    SwitchResX supports the maximal set of features that can be done on your Mac.
    But not all Macs have support for all possible features included in SwitchResX, and also depends on the version of macOS you are using.

    For example, disabling a display isn't possible on Apple Silicon Macs before macOS Ventura, and creating custom resolutions only works for scaled resolutions before macOS Ventura.
    Identically, support for variable refresh rate is only possible on Apple Silicon Macs and some late Intel Macs, and only on Monterey and above.

    That's why you should try SwitchResX on your exact hardware and OS version, to be certain that a specific feature you want to use is available on your own Mac.