• Can SwitchResX disable a display ?
    At this time, this function is working on Intel Macs with the drawbacks that are mentioned in the following FAQs

    On Apple Silicon Macs, the function is supported on macOS Ventura and above, if you use version 4.13 or above.
    This function is again new on Apple Silicon, so there may be new drawbacks that I'm not aware of.

    On supported Macs:
    SwitchResX includes a function to remove a display from the System's list of managed display.
    This means the display in question, once deactivated, will not be visible from the System or from any application. Only SwitchResX will be able to activate the display again.

    To get this option active, open the Preferences application, go in the "Menus" section, select "Enable/Disable displays" and you'll get the option in one of the SwitchResX menus
    Please also note that if you have mirroring enabled, the menu item will NOT show. So be also sure to disable video mirroring.


    There are however some compatibility problems on Intel Macs: xxsee this section of the FAQ.